Exhaustive, illustrated trail-guides, with detailed trekking maps, on the most popular treks in the Himalayas

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Besides the trekking guides, Milestone's publications include a comprehensive handbook on the Ladakh region with additional sections on Kashmir and Manali.  
While all Milestone trekking guidebooks come with fold-out maps, some of the maps are also published separately


available, a detailed
fold-out trekking map of Ladakh, in two parts, featuring
over 20 trekking routes
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Exhaustive and profusely illustrated, Milestone guidebooks on treks in Nepal and Ladakh come with detailed maps, practical information and historical and cultural insights on some of the most popular regions in the Himalayas.

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Trekking with a Milestone guide
is adventure with all its thrills but without


the uncertainties


"The best trail guide (for the Annapurna Circuit)", is how Backpacker, the leading American trekking magazine, recommends Milestone's

Annapurna guide.

"Valuable...brings together a lot of material which you won't otherwise find in one place," says Outlook Traveller, the top Indian travel magazine, of the Milestone Ladakh guidebook.

Reinhold Messner, one of the greatest mountaineers of our time, browsing through the Milestone Everest guide at a Nepal bookstore

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to watch a trailer of a documentary film on the Everest trek that comes on a DVD offered free with the Everest guidebook  

Milestone trekking guides have
  • exhaustive route descriptions: you'll know which path to take at trail intersections, for instance, and where there are difficult sections or steep climbs and descents, and how far (in both kilometre and mile) is your day's destination, and what is its altitude (in m / ft); you will know where there are lodges and campsites, the vantage points to view the peaks and other sights, and some details of the villages you pass through.
  • detailed full-colour foldout maps showing trails, settlements, landmarks besides all geographical features;
  • colour photographs: on virtually every page so you have a fair idea of the entire region - the terrain, the villages, the mountains - even before you have taken your first trekking step;
  • a section entitled Views describing the sights and sceneries that the trek has on offer;
  • an entire chapter on the practicalities: budgeting, what to pack, how to hire porters/guides/horses, what are lodges/campsites like on the trail, how to reach the trailhead;
  • a medical section; guide to recognising symptoms and suggestions for self-medication in case you fall sick on the trail;
  • background reading on the culture, history and religion of the region;
  • for treks that centre around major mountains like Everest or Annapurna, a history of their survey, 'discovery' and ascent.



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